Trying To Forget (A Jelena Oneshot) Part 3

 Trying To Forget (A Jelena Oneshot) Part 3 Trying To Forget (A Jelena Oneshot) Part 3 Trying To Forget (A Jelena Oneshot) Part 3
Channel: DisneyTohru56
Duration: 1m 31s
Published At: 2014-08-08 17:16:15

Description : Hello everyone! ^.^ Here is part 3 :D I hope everyone enjoys it ^.^ May I just say, how much I miss my cebby story :'( I can't believe I finished it :O Anyway, please enjoy part three :D Thank you so much :D Trying To Forget (A Jelena Oneshot) Part 3 Recently... “FINE! If you want to BREAK UP, THEN FINE! I don't GIVE A SH*T!” Justin stood up from the couch, exiting the room, slamming the door behind him. Selena couldn't believe that it actually happened.. Their relationship was over? She tried to hold back her tears, but it seemed like no use.. Her mouth was trembling, as she cried.. She didn't know what to do with herself, now seeing that he was gone.. “SELENA! SELLYYY!” A voice was heard from a distance. “WAKE UP SEL!” Another voice interrupted Selena's flashback, or dream you might as well say. “What? What's wrong?” Selena was suddenly awaken, now noticing her two friends in her view. “Why are you sleeping in the living room again? With the TV on?” Miley asked, bending down to her, giving her a curious look. “Were you dreaming about that JERK again?!” Demi sighed, as she sat herself down next to Selena, who was frowning once again. “Well, hello to you guys too..” Selena answered, smiling weakly, she sat up on the couch, not surprised that the girls just came in the room, they had the keys to her place. “Sel, stop TORTURING yourself like this!” Demi decided to pull Selena off the couch, dragging her towards the kitchen. “OW DEMS!” Selena yelped, as she was being dragged into the kitchen. “Sorry Sel.. But, you NEED TO EAT!” Demi opened Selena's refrigerator, grabbing eggs from there, placing them into a bowl. “Selena, you barely ate these pass few weeks! And all you're doing is thinking about that IDIOT! Please put your health first! I don't want you to DIE!” Miley went over to help Demi, as she said this. “Guys, please stop.. You don't have to make me breakfast! I'm fine..” Selena stood up from the chair, almost ending up falling backwards. “SEL!” The two friends caught her in time, before she fell. “S-Sorry..” Selena sighed, she was already seeing purple sparks, her friends sat her back down in her chair. “No, Selly, we're sorry that you're not okay.. And we're here to make you feel better, and for you to FORGET about that jerk!” Miley was already cracking the eggs, pouring the yoke into the bowl. “That jerk who SHALL NOT BE NAMED!” Demi chimed in, as she helped Miley. “Who? Voldemort?” Selena asked, with a tiresome voice. “Very funny, Sel..” Demi shook her head, sighing. “Sel, we want to take you out tonight..” Miley explained, as she poured in the eggs onto the pan. “What?!” Selena almost choked, as she stared at the two girls, wide eyed. “YEAH! We are taking you out tonight Sel! You're not staying home! You've been staying home for these pass few weeks! That's NOT HEALTHY!” Demi exclaimed, trying to get her point across. “Guys! I DON'T WANT TO GO! I thought we were going to watch movies at my place or something, why--” “NO! Not tonight! You've been doing that the pass few WEEKS! We are taking you OUT! We're going somewhere nice! Just the three of US!” Miley was now finished with the eggs, along with Demi, she placed the plate of eggs in front of Selena, so she can eat. “Thanks guys.. But I don't know.. Last time it was the three of us, people started following us, then we ended up going to some crazy party.. I just don't feel like going out, and--” “We are going to a FANCY restaurant! And it's all on ME! First, we're shopping! Eat up, okay?! AND FORGET THAT KNUCKLE HEAD! I want us to hangout, and I want you to get your mind off your troubles.. So, when you're done, go get ready! Dems and I are going to watch TV, while YOU EAT!” Miley grabbed Demi's arm, taking her to the living room. “Thanks Miles, and Dems.. But Miley, you don't have to pay for the dinner, I--” “EAT!” Both Miley and Demi yelled, pointing at her. “Okay, okay..” Selena laughed, as she picked up her fork from the table. TO BE CONTINUED So sorry that Justin hasn't been put in the story yet :( But don't worry, he's coming up in part four ^.^ So stay tuned :D I hope everyone enjoyed part 3 ^.^ (I would have made these parts longer in the description box, if youtube let me xD) So that's why I'm splitting them up ^.^ Part 4 is coming soon ^.^

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